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I tried Meracari as well, which should be called bargin bin pushy shoppers. Every day people would message and offer ridiculously discounted offers for your stuff.

“I love the chanel but $2000 is a little much for me. Would you take like $57.99. I have it pending and can pay now”. Ummm.

Block. Mercaris experience is far worse. I sold a lot of stuff on there and then i made the mistake of selling a chanel. The sale occurred.

It was a saturday night so i didnt bother with shipping since it wont go anywhere until monday. Sometime sunday morning I check my email and i have an account suspended notice. Hum. Then right below it I had a reinstatement email.

I thought wierd. Maybe a glitch. So monday morning comes around. I mail the bag.

And off it goes. Probably around the time the shipping info or tracking hits and there is no way to stop it. Boom. Account suspended any attempt to make a new account will cause all funds to be confiscated by mercari.

They cAlled me a counterfiet goods supplier and a fraud and told me i was conducting illegal operations and i was allowed to finish the transaction amd collect my funds. So I thought whatever. However. A few days before I sold a dyson.

So we have the chanel they claim is fake and a dyson and $2150 to be transfered. Ive sold over 100 chanel bags on ebay. Ive sold several hundred louis vuittons as well as prada, fendi and all top designers. I know the bags inside and out.

Yeah ive had issues on ebay but never once had someone claim the item was not authentic. So the lady gets the bag as it says delivered and states she recieved it and yay! So put the money in pending. The dyson money was $300 came through around the same time.

And i immediately put in for the transfer which occurs monday or sunday night. Fine whatever lets cut ties. I wake up monday morning and recieved an email saying my account is suspended and my funds had been forfeited. So i go to try to call them.

No phone number anywhere. I find them on google maps and call the number listed, its a cell phone with verizon i think and the greeting for voice mail is literally a man doing a fake severly mentally challenge person sound like “eeeehhhor” and then it tells you the mailbox is full and hangs up. So i finally find thier online help. They told me i was banned from talking To them and thier decision was final.

So i called the seattle police department. Told them whats happening and then i get a message from them stating since i used their platform as a counterfiet supplier they were now holding my funds which they only have listed as $21.32 for 181 days to insure noone charges back my fraudulaent sales. If i contact them again i will be blocked and money confinscated. By now i am beyond livid.

And i (as is in bad taste as it is) can now see how someone can just walk into a business and shoot every one. Thank god they are on the opposite coast. So i hAd the labels i used to ship the chanel and dyson, becaue they email the label to you, and with 5 minutes of research contacted the lady who bought the bag and she was beyond thrilled and loved it. So i had her write a letter and she even paid to have it notorized as her witness statement and then i went to an attorney with screenshots of every single thing with time stamps.

He said ill win a high 7 digit to low 8 digit settlement if on may 18 2018 by 11:59 pm pacific time that money does not hit payment account. Not my meracari account to have it pend and then wait for a transfer date. It better hit my payment account because if not, We will file suit monday may 21 2018. So for once and i have great condifece in their stupidity and lack of professionalism that the money will not show up.

They think by the time may gets here, this happened in sept or oct 2017, that i would have forgotten. Well they are highly mistake. They claimed the item was counterfiet and have never touched the bag, held the bag, or even know for themselvds today how to picture authenticate designer bags. I have my friends check.

Just so i dont mess this up and comply completely with thier terrorist demands, and it takes my friends less than one minute spot a replica posing as authentic and priced that way. i have taught little tips on easy fast ways to tell id something is real or not. They could be at an estate sale and call me and i would be like look at the underside of the zipper. Whats there?

For example when you see a fendi bag at a consigenment or thrift store for sale. Look at the bottom side of zipper. It should have the ff logo. Chanel will have Lampo or riri.

Prada same thing. Ect. Most fake bags and even the better fakes wont have those details. Long story short It takes them less than 1 minute to find fake bags by the first picture.

So obviously fake. I think what is happening is this new generation of millennial‘s,which I’m right on the cusp of by age, have been conditioned to just take it bending over. If a company tells you no, what else can you do? Sorry you feel screwed.

The millenials just abide by it. I grew up with the customer is always right. Make the customer happy. Because if you don’t the customer will spend their money somewhere else.

However as technology expands at speeds faster than light , i too now have a hard time playing the scavenger game to contact a company. If the amount of money is low, ill just give up. So they have both of us pinned between a rock and a hard place. But spending money somewhere else is an option for online then you deal with this sort of situation so how about real life shopping and an issue occures.

we don’t have the option anymore Everything’s been bought out and merged together that there is very little choice for competition. When Macy was buying up all the department stores we had one mall that three out of the four end cap or achor stores were now macys. There is no other choice. Thats why competition is soooo important.

So my dad even said. Just let it go. And I told him its stealing. Stealing is bad.

And he told me There isnt much i can do about it. And then it hit me. Things happen every day that people do not like with the government or social injustice or being scammed on the website and eventually we just give up and we say. “Well thats just how it is now these days”.

That may work for the people of Germany when nazi power was rising and they just let it, and thats whats happening now with corporations holding the power. So *** that. I am going to fight. Im smart.

I think outside the box and i have testimony and documented proof from other sellers as well with similar experiences that may be used as proof for my suit, but those will more go in the class action suit after my case is won. And i have enough to nail those MFer’s to the wall.

Product or Service Mentioned: Mercari Marketplace.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I honestly do not understand how Mercari is still in business. They should be shut down for all the shady and illegal business they pull.

I sold a $100 item, sent it from Amazon (had a gift card! Nothing shady about that) and the buyer said she didn't receive it... even though Amazon delivery had a PHOTO uploaded of the box sitting on her porch. So Mercari said because I used an "outside" shipping source, the transaction was invalid and they canceled my whole transaction without paying me the $100.

So the buyer gets to keep the $100 item and Mercari gets to keep my $100. I wish we could all boycott Mercari and stop using their app until they treated SELLERS and BUYERS fairly!!


Too long and vulgar. Poorly written. The post is unreadable.


I sell on Mercari moved over from ebay,I am very impressed on how easy it is to make a sale. Unlinke you sell items under 20.00 and if I get that warning that I am listing an item that needs to be reviewed for authenticity I STOP right there and cancel listing and list it elsewhere.


Did the reviewer get her money from Mercari or file a lawsuit??


Hi did you receive your funds because they are doing this to me as well.


Did you get your money back?


My account was suspended without cause. I’m unable to get a straight answer out of Mercari.

Anyone legitimately gotten started on a class action? Please email me goliegirl9 @ gmail.com


Hey I'm josh. Done me this way to on a pair of shoes. Help


OMG now I don’t feel bad one bit about them suspending my account. I will not email them again to try and have my account restored.

Screw the {{redacted}} style. This isn’t China.

And it’s funny the company came from Japan. I fully support what you’re doing and hope I can help!


Mercari also banned me from their platform for NO REASON AT ALL! I had over 60 5 star ratings!!!!

I am willing to join in with anyone planning on doing a lawsuit. They treat the sellers unfairly, on top of that, they banned everyone in my home with the same address as mine!!

to Ashlynmeeks #1571169

Hey please reach me what did you do later with them wann know isabellablackhill@gmail.com


Interested in class action lawsuit as well. Please email me Veelopez0@gmail.com


Hi, I just got my account suspended because I requested a balance transfer. My balance was 1,257.

This was not my first transfer request I’d transferred my balance before. This time they needed my name, address and ssi to verify it was me. I’m very confused right now and not sure what to do. I feel like maybe Mercari is doing fraud.

Who would I need to contact the BBC or a lawyer.

It just seems kind of shady. Help please

to Pablo #1576656

Just look up Better Business Bureau online or you can call their 1-800 number if you Google it. Anytime I file a complaint with the company, which I only do in extreme circumstances if nothing else works, the company gets back to me and gets me my money back.

So I would start with filing a Better Business Bureau complaint and definitely jump in on a lawsuit if someone does start one. Mercari works a lot by word of mouth so if you have a Twitter I would also tweet at them or maybe Instagram Direct message them post something under their hashtag that kind of public pressure really holds business is accountable these days.

to Pablo #1613909

I would never allow my balance to go over 100.00 before I start the transfer.


Is anyone else having an issue with the mercari tax page?????? It won't accept my info which I have put it in a million times and my money is being held!!! Help!!!


Mercari is a scam.I sold a chanel purse and the buyers claimed it’s fake so Mercari closed my account and put on hold $2000 dollars! Now if some Mercari genius decides that the purse is fake they will take it!!!its crazy and I don’t know what to do.. Please help

to Lolli1980 #1557856

I have an attorney who would like to hear this.

to Elle #1585058

I think the same thing is happening to me. I sold a $875 Gucci bag and the buyer claimed she received an empty box and requested a return.

Now I’m waiting for Mercari to solve this but after reading this page, I don’t believe I’ll ever get my money or bag back. Xin, hx.712@hotmail.com

to Elle #1590327

Can u message me ryanqlee@icloud.com I have been ripped off for 500$ saying I sold counterfeit items which is false I have receipts for everything I ever sold

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